The MCM Way by Carrie Taylor

Published August 23, 2023


Any time I ask one of my colleagues what they enjoy most about working at Midland Credit Management (MCM), an Encore Capital Group company, the answer is nearly universal: It’s the people. At MCM, we firmly believe that a strong company culture is the cornerstone of organizational success. That’s why we are dedicated to building a thriving and inclusive culture from within, driven by the input of our talented and diverse colleagues. And this continues to manifest in so many ways.

Our co-created Values

At Encore, we understand that culture begins with shared Values, and we have co-created these Values with our global colleagues. Through our Mission, Vision & Values (MVV) framework, we have established core principles that guide our actions and decisions. Our Values include “We care,” “We find a better way,” and “We are inclusive and collaborative.” Living our Values is at the heart of everything we do at MCM.


As Leslie Schultz, Senior Director of Human Resources, US and Costa Rica, states, “What differentiates our culture is our global collaborative and inclusive nature, our ‘develop from within’ philosophy, our commitment to caring both for our people and community, our compassionate treatment and support for our consumers, and our continuous striving for finding better ways.” This requires continually reinvigorating our culture by living out these values in our daily interactions.  Suchita Dantre, Senior Director of Human Resources, India, adds, “We have learned to listen to our people even more and focus on co-creating our culture. Our focus is on elevating employee experience and doing it in a way which appeals to them.”

Cultivating a positive work environment

We are an equal opportunity employer. At MCM, every colleague is trusted, respected, and celebrated, irrespective of their ethnicity, language, and gender. We take great pride in our diverse and intentionally inclusive people practices. Our workplaces promote participative decision-making, offer equitable career development opportunities and global visibility projects, and have a healthy regard for contrary opinions and alternative views. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is one of the primary considerations in the way we develop, implement, and articulate our people strategy.


MCM’s Chief People Officer, Ajit Singh, shares, “Over the years we have progressed in our DEI journey and incorporated several industry best practices. A good indicator of this would be our diverse holiday calendar across geographies, unbiased job descriptions and selection tools, parental leave and flextime for all genders, and employee resource groups such as Women @ Encore & Allies, Black Employee Network, and Pride Network. Furthermore, while we have a global DEI Leader, each of our geographies have DEI champions who implement, inform and execute initiatives based on employee voice and local cultural affiliations.”

We are a listening organization

Constructive employee feedback is actively encouraged and welcomed. At MCM, we have established various channels for tapping employee insights, including experience surveys and focus groups, and our Open Door Policy empowers our colleagues to connect with their leadership team directly and share their thoughts. All concerns are addressed in an open and transparent manner, through channels that feel comfortable for our employees. A wonderful outcome of this entire exercise has been a whole host of policies which have been powered by the collective vision and wisdom of our colleagues – be they about our internal processes, or the ways in which we serve our consumers.


In conclusion, we have succeeded in building a culture that cares, a resilient workplace, and a talented group of people who are committed to helping our consumers progress on their journey toward financial recovery.

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