Who is Midland Funding?

Midland Funding LLC is one of the nation’s largest buyers of unpaid debt. Midland Funding LLC purchases accounts with an unpaid balance where consumers have gone at least 180 days without making a payment, or paid less than the minimum monthly payment.

Who is Midland Credit Management (MCM)?

Midland Credit Management (MCM) is a company that helps consumers resolve past-due financial obligations. MCM empowers consumers through education and payment plans, and helps them return to a path toward improved financial health.

What’s the difference between Midland Funding and MCM?

Midland Funding LLC is the creditor or owner of debt obligations while its affiliate, Midland Credit Management (MCM), is a licensed debt collector who services accounts. MCM is dedicated to helping consumers find their way back to financial stability and relieve the emotional stress that can accompany unpaid debt.

Why am I working with MCM and not the original company with whom this debt was created?

When a lender does not receive payment on an account for a specific amount of time, they may decide to close your account and turn it over to collections. Many lenders sell severely delinquent accounts to companies like Midland Funding LLC. Midland Credit Management (MCM), which specializes in servicing these types of outstanding debt obligations, is then engaged to begin servicing your account. As one of the largest debt collectors in the nation, MCM has long-standing relationships with major financial institutions and retailers across the country, and we have earned their trust by helping people like you settle outstanding debt obligations.

What is Midland Credit Management’s ethics or mission statement?

Midland Credit Management is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and respect. To demonstrate our commitment to conducting business ethically we have developed the industry’s first Consumer Bill of Rights. In all that we do, we strive to treat consumers with respect and integrity. We are committed to engaging in dialogue that is respectful and constructive, creating solutions for our consumers that resolve their debt, and ensuring that those who work on our behalf adhere to these same standards. We operate in compliance with the laws that regulate our industry, and we hope to play an important and productive role in people’s lives.

Can I opt-in to paperless communications?

In order to receive email messages from Midland Credit Management you must have access to a personal computer or mobile device, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari 7 or 8, and the ability to view PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To opt-in you can call (800) 296-2657 and provide your account information and email.

Does the settlement with the CFPB impact my obligations?

The settlement only impacts a relatively small population of our accounts. If you are in that small impacted group, we will be reaching out soon to notify you. Unless you hear otherwise from us, the settlement does not change your debt and payment obligations.

*Please understand that this is a communication from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.