Credit Reporting

Learn about MCM’s consumer-friendly credit reporting policy.

Midland Credit Management (MCM) is dedicated to helping consumers resolve their past-due debts.

MCM has credit reporting policies designed to help people who resolve their accounts with us.

MCM does not report on accounts that are both:

  1. Paid in Full or Paid in Full for less than the full balance; and
  2. More than two years old based on time since the date of delinquency

NOTE: We are required to delete our credit reporting tradeline seven years after the original delinquency date regardless of the paid status.

Additionally, we will not start reporting on new accounts if:

  • Payments begin within three months of our mailing of our initial notice; and
  • Payments are made each calendar month thereafter until the account is Paid in Full or Paid in Full for less than the full balance

How Does This Affect Me?

Why does Midland Credit Management appear on my credit report?

If Midland Credit Management appears on your credit report, it means the creditor who you had the account with closed your account and sold it to Midland Credit Management. Learn more about why MCM appears on your credit report and how to find more information about your account.

What do I do if I want this account deleted or not reported?

If your account is new to MCM, and you make a payment within three months of us sending our initial notice and continue making payments until the account is resolved, credit reporting will never begin.

If you missed this time period or your account was not new to MCM, your account will be removed when the account is paid in full or paid in full for less than the full balance and the date of delinquency is greater than two years.

We send updates to credit bureaus every two weeks. We’re required to delete our credit reporting tradeline seven years after the original delinquency date regardless of the paid status. If you have further questions on whether your account qualifies, contact us at (800) 296-2657.

When I pay off my account, how will this impact my credit report/score?

Credit scores are complicated and consider a wide range of financial information. Individual circumstances vary, so we don’t know what impact paying off your account may have on your credit score. MCM reports to the credit bureaus at least twice a month. For specific information about your credit report or credit score, please contact the credit bureaus.

Credit Reporting Terms

What is a tradeline?

Tradeline is a term used to refer to an account that is recorded on a credit report.

What does “Paid in Full” mean for my account?

When you pay off your account, we will report your account as paid. If you pay the full account balance, we will report your account as Paid in Full.

What does “Paid in Full for less than the full balance” mean for my account?

When you pay off your account by paying an amount that we’ve agreed to, but less than the full amount due on the account, we will report your account as paid.

If you resolve your account by paying less than your full balance, a memo is added to your account that you Paid in Full for less than the full balance.


What People Are Saying

We help consumers resolve past-due debts. Hear what some of our consumers say about their experience working with MCM.

I don't think I would change anything. My call was answered in a timely manner and the representative was very courteous and he looked into my problem, he spoke to me very nice and I really appreciate that.

–  Tabatha S.–  

Very helpful, organized and attentive.

–  David B.–  

They were willing to help me as quickly as possible, and assured me that it would be done and taken care of.

–  Linda R.–  

The representative really seemed to listen, he was also proactive in his suggestions or solutions.

–  James L.–  

Excellent customer service, very thorough and very patient with making sure that I understood the answer to my question.

–  Veronica M.–  

She was very professional, very nice, listened to my problem and solved it.

–  Shawn B.–  

He took the time to, not only tell me about the detail of the account, but he actually listened when I said that I needed to ask a more poignant question.

–  Jeffery B.–  

Knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help me.

–  William S.–  

Very accommodating, very compassionate and understanding. [The representative I spoke with] listened to me and tried to help me as best as possible and I really appreciate it. He had outstanding customer service.

–  Keyetta F.–  


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