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Midland Funding LLC works with its affiliate, Midland Credit Management (MCM) to service accounts.

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Midland Funding, LLC is one of the nation’s largest owners of unpaid debts. Midland Funding owns accounts that have been charged off by the original lender.

Charge offs happen after a lender doesn’t receive payments for a period of time or payments are less than the minimum amount due. Lenders then close these accounts and sell them to companies like Midland Funding or MCM.

Midland Credit Management services accounts owned by Midland Funding and accounts owned by MCM. MCM is dedicated to helping consumers find their way back to financial stability and relieve the emotional stress that can accompany unpaid debt.

Credit Reporting

Why is Midland Funding LLC appearing on your credit report?

  • If you see Midland Funding, LLC on your credit report, Midland Funding owns your account.
  • If you see Midland Credit Management on your credit report, MCM owns your account.

Either way, you’ll work directly with MCM to resolve your account. MCM helps consumers arrange payment options that fit their unique financial situation. Consumers can regain financial control over their personal debt by working with us directly. MCM understands your payment options need to be manageable, whatever your financial situation.


What People Are Saying

We help consumers resolve past-due debts. Hear what some of our consumers say about their experience working with MCM.

Excellent customer service, very thorough and very patient with making sure that I understood the answer to my question.

–  Veronica M.–  

They were willing to help me as quickly as possible, and assured me that it would be done and taken care of.

–  Linda R.–  

I don't think I would change anything. My call was answered in a timely manner and the representative was very courteous and he looked into my problem, he spoke to me very nice and I really appreciate that.

–  Tabatha S.–  

She was very professional, very nice, listened to my problem and solved it.

–  Shawn B.–  

Knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help me.

–  William S.–  

Very helpful, organized and attentive.

–  David B.–  

He took the time to, not only tell me about the detail of the account, but he actually listened when I said that I needed to ask a more poignant question.

–  Jeffery B.–  

The representative really seemed to listen, he was also proactive in his suggestions or solutions.

–  James L.–  

Very accommodating, very compassionate and understanding. [The representative I spoke with] listened to me and tried to help me as best as possible and I really appreciate it. He had outstanding customer service.

–  Keyetta F.–  


MCM works with trusted partners to ensure the highest standards of quality and service.

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