MCM Costa Rica Supports Local Community with Financial Literacy Lessons for Teen Mothers

Published October 26, 2023

MCM Costa Rica’s collaboration with Hogar Posada Belen is a multifaceted effort aimed at supporting young mothers in their journey toward economic independence and personal growth.

  • The initiative focuses on teaching financial literacy through the Money Matters curriculum, tailored to the unique challenges faced by the young mothers.
  • Volunteers from MCM provide comprehensive support, including infrastructure improvements, such as painting murals and developing an orchard, alongside mentorship in emotional intelligence and job readiness through their Women@Encore&Allies group.
  • Recreational activities are also organized, acknowledging the importance of leisure and mental health for these teenagers, who must balance the responsibilities of motherhood with their own personal development.

MCM Costa Rica’s engagement with Hogar Posada Belen reflects a deep commitment to nurturing the well-being and economic resilience of young mothers, in line with Encore’s mission to foster strong, self-reliant communities.

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